System Characteristics TG DSC
Tan Delta (DMA)
Cure Range Cure Cycle -Tg °C Shelf life
@ 21°C (d) -18 °C (mounths)
Applications Sheet

Transparent aesthetic system Flame Retardant

175° C
175° C
115° C
80-150°C 1h@130°C +45'@150°C-120-125
1h@130°C +3h@180°C -190-195
30-12 Highly transparent aesthetic system, complying with UL94V-0, FAR/JAR 25.853 Appendix F, part 1 (a)(1)(i)(ii), part IV(e)(g) and partV (a)(b) regulations, and ABD0031 D6-51377, for specific configurations Product sheet

Flame Retardant General purpose resin

190° C
190° C
135° C
80-150°C 1h@130°C +45'@150°C-120-125
1h@130°C +3h@180°C -195-200
30-12 General applications Product sheet