About us

Microtex Composites is a company belonging to the historical Becagli group that has specialized in the textile production since the end of the second world war.
Nowadays the group consists of two companies: the original company dedicated to the production of traditional fabrics and Microtex Composites S.r.l. specialized in the manufacture of advanced composites, both dry and prepreg with different kind of resins (depending on the desired performance).

Microtex Composites is a vertical fully integrated reality that starts from the weaving of carbon fibre, develops its own resin systems and produces prepreg. The company is equipped with a solvent impregnation line, a hotmelt, a UD line and a SMC line.

Thanks to continuous research and development activity, today the company is a European excellence for carbon fibre manufactures widely used for:

  • structural composites
  • aesthetic composites
  • carbon look interiors

for motorsports, automotive, rail, sport & leisure, marine, industrial and interior design sectors.

Furthermore, Microtex Composites boasts cutting-edge technologies and ultimate chemical research laboratories. The production capacity is over 2.500.000 square meters/year of carbon fibre materials.

What are our key factors?

An innovative product as well as a customized and efficient service as a result of:

  • smart production planning to match client’s needs
  • a dynamic technical support: our technicians can assist our clients both during the prototype stage and the whole production process
  • an excellent customer service providing very fast replies and prompt order processing: 1 week as a minimum lead time.

Our mission

A streamlined and performing organization allows us to offer high accuracy levels to turn client’s vision into reality, beyond expectations.

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