fibra carbonio consumer


The first choice of manufacturers in the medical sector, as well as those in the high-level sport goods sector, are carbon fibre materials. The reason is that the features of carbon fibre are now well-known: resistance, lightness and stability, just to mention some of the most important ones.


Medical sector

Professionals in the medical sector trust Microtex Composites because we have a constant investment plan in Research & Development, in order to offer the widest choice of thermoset and thermoplastic materials specific for medical applications such as:

  • Prosthesis and crutches
  • Insoles
  • Surgical and sanitary instruments
  • Wheel chairs


Sport & Leisure

In the Sport & Leisure market, the choice of carbon fibre allows the sportsman to achieve a performance of an extremely superior level. Thanks to the high adaptability of the materials, it is possible to create every shape and finish: this aspect will definitely influence the result of the performance.
What pieces of sports equipment can be made from carbon fibre? The options are basically endless:

  • Tennis rackets
  • Skiing and snowboarding equipment
  • Golf clubs and hockey sticks
  • Fishing rods
  • Frames and wheels for racing bicycles and mountain bikes
  • Frames for skateboards
  • Frames and components for motorcycles
  • Helmet coatings


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