compositi settore ferroviario


Composite materials, reinforced with glass fibre and/or carbon fibre, are largely used in the transportation market. In particular, the applications of composites rail (trains, trams and subways ) are not only used for the interior of the coaches, but also for the related infrastructure.

The use of composites rail allows the manufacturing companies to reach a final output with a better performance compared to the alternatives on the market, while at the same time requiring less maintenance investments.

Finally, carbon fibre composite materials show very high mechanical properties, significant corrosion resistance and good self-extinguishing features: thanks to the reduced toxicity of the smoke, they can be used also for the interior of trains.

The main applications for thermoset composites are:

  • Braking systems
  • Buffers
  • Canopies and insulating products
  • Meters
  • Railroad ties
  • Doors
  • Interior components


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